Volunteer Lebanon

Signing up your organization for Volunteer Lebanon

The instructions below are for organizations that need help from volunteers. If you're an individual looking to volunteer, click here!

Step 1: Create a Profile.

In order to post your project needs, you'll need to set up an agency profile on the Volunteer Lebanon website. Decide who in your organization will manage your profile, submit projects, and receive notifications when volunteers sign up. This person should set up the profile initially.

Tech-savvy? Just visit https://unitedwaylebco.galaxydigital.com and click the link in the middle that says "Does your organization need help from volunteers? Click here to register." Follow the steps to create your agency's profile and you're up and running!

Need more help? Here are some great resources that will walk you through how to create your agency's profile: a recorded webinar that goes in-depth for our site, a super-quick training video, a video about how to edit your profile, and a help center with information to answer your questions.

Step 2: Build out your Profile.

Make sure to select Causes that apply to your organization, and fill out the "Who we are" and "What we do" fields to tell volunteers about what matters to you! Upload your logo, photos, a video, social media links, whatever! The more you add to your profile, the better you'll look and the more volunteers will be able to learn about you! Check out our profile as an example or to get ideas: United Way of Lebanon County.

Please note that the contact information you include on your profile will be publicly visible.

Step 3: Create a Volunteer Opportunity.

Great! You've set up your profile - nice job! Now you just need to submit the actual project requests. Just need to go to "Volunteer Opportunities" at the top of your agency page. (Don't see the "Volunteer Opportunities" link? Make sure you're in the agency manager view. If you see "My agency" in the top bar of the page, click that first! Then you should see "Volunteer Opportunities" above your profile information.)

Click the "Add a new Volunteer Opportunity" button and fill out the fields requested. In the text box called "Attributes," you can include anything that a volunteer would need to know, like "Must be able to lift boxes" or "Please bring a shovel" or "Water will be provided."

Step 4: Create More Volunteer Opportunities!

Once you've set up one Volunteer Opportunity, you can actually CLONE it to create more, and just change the details that are different (if you want!). All of your different needs/Volunteer Opportunities will show up on your agency's page.

If you think of more things or want to make changes, you can always come back to tweak as needed.

Once volunteers start signing up, you'll be able to see right on your page who has signed up and which opportunities need to be promoted a bit more!

If you are having trouble, please don't hesitate to reach out! You can reach us for questions on this platform at admin@unitedwaylebco.org

Need some additional resources? Click here for more information for Agency and Program Managers on our Volunteer Lebanon portal.