211 Resource Hotline

The 211 health & human services resource hotline provides non-emergency information and assistance to residents of Lebanon County.

Call 211 anytime to receive free, 24/7, non-emergency health and human service information in Lebanon County from a live call specialist, or search the 211 database online to find local resources to help with your situation. 

About 211:

  • ONE number to call— removes the need to “call around” for services
  • Call centers are staffed by highly-trained call specialists who assess caller’s full needs; translation services available
  • Helps reserve the 911 system for emergencies, saving this vital community resource for life-and-death situations*
  • Functions as a community-wide planning tool to anticipate the demand for services and mobilize resources to meet changing needs
  • Human services staff have direct access to knowledge, which will assist them in effective case management work

211 is sustained by our generous community sponsors. We thank the following organizations for their support.