Live United Grants


To be able to provide alternative United Way funding throughout the year outside of the existing collective impact investment portfolio to responsive to community needs during ongoing funding cycles. Live United grants provide an added funding stream year round. A Live United grant is a one-time grant for programs and initiatives focused on education, financial stability, and/or health. Grants will be available only to efforts delivered to community members by two or more partnering organizations. The minimum grant award is $500. Grants will not exceed $5,000.

Funding Priorities

Grant applicants must demonstrate how they will collaborate to address one of the following funding priorities: 

  • Building and strengthening neighborhoods and sense of community
  • Providing children safe places to learn and play
  • Supporting seniors and healthy aging
  • Addressing barriers for the growing diverse population in Lebanon County
  • Promoting public health, healthy lifestyles, and wellness
  • Supporting advocacy, community awareness and education campaigns

Preference is given to projects or programs that: 

  • Leverage funds in addition to any United Way grants
  • Demonstrate collaboration
  • Produce measurable results
  • Encourage more effective/innovative use of limited community resources
  • Utilize volunteers
  • Demonstrate innovative and “outside the box” thinking

Funding requests will be considered for the following types of projects:

  • One-time project: Immediate response to emerging community need
  • On-going project: Funding to continue/support/grow an already established project
  • Entrepreneurial/Incubator Funds: Funding for new ventures and initiatives

Spring 2019 Application Process Begins March 1.

Click HERE for funding resources including criteria and guidelines for submitting applications for Live United grants.