How You Can Help

Please check out these volunteer guidelines before signing up for any volunteer projects outside of your home. 

Caring Cupboard Volunteer Sign Up

The Caring Cupboard in Palmyra is in need of help with food distribution. Click here to find out available volunteer slots. 

Emergency Volunteer Sign Up with Lebanon County Christian Ministries

LCCM has received emails and phone calls from people inquiring about emergency volunteer assistance including food distribution at our daily noon meals. We appreciate everyone's willingness to help out. Our needs are very fluid and subject to change daily. We are creating a list of needs as they arise, often without a lot of notice. If you'd like to be on call and are comfortable learning on the fly, please sign up for an eblast here and be sure to check your email daily for volunteer opportunities.

Kindness Video Project for our Frontline Medical Team

This project is a collaboration between Annubis Production and the Community Health Council of Lebanon. Submit videos showing your messages of encouragement and appreciation. These messages will be playing in common areas of the hospital so that those who need to see them most will be able to without looking them up on a device. Here's how you can help with the project: 

  1. Upload your videos to this google drive folder. It will give the video team the best quality to work with.
  2. If you can't use the google drive, send the videos to
  3. Cell phone videos are fine, but please try to remember to hold them sideways so that the picture fills the whole screen.
  4. Make sure you have enough light.
  5. Try to keep everyone else in the room quiet so we can hear you.
  6. You're always better off having someone hold the camera for you instead of doing it selfie style. 

Deliver a Smile

Our Deliver a Smile program typically involves delivering uplifting cards to seniors made by students throughout the county, but during this current situation, we're changing it up. Looking for an activity for your kids? This one is a great way to pass the time doing something good for others! 

  • Make physical cards. Physical cards will not be delivered until it is safe to do so. Just let us know if you are participating, and we'll let you know when we will be collecting the cards. You can send us a picture of it though right away. We'll share on our social media and/or electronically to the seniors if we are able to reach them that way. 
  • Sidewalk art is a great option to make an even bigger positive message in your community as well as a picture we can share! 
  • Make a video. Have your child(ren) actually share their positive messages! 

NOTE: Please refrain from religious, holiday themed messages, or get well soon messages. Avoid any identifying information other than first names for cards, images, videos.

Send to Flame Vo at


Share Your Unused PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) 

The Lebanon County Commissioners, the Lebanon City Mayor, and the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce are calling upon Lebanon County residents to search through our garages, basements, and storerooms to help supply the local health care system and first responders with life-saving Personal Protective Equipment including:

  • N95 masks
  • Surgical/dust masks
  • Elastomeric respirators
  • Eye protection
  • Latex- free disposable gloves
  • Commercially-made disposable disinfecting wipes – germicidal with bleach
  • Commercially-made disinfecting wipes > 70% alcohol
  • Commercially-made hand sanitizer and hand soap

Our doctors, nurses, health care workers, and first responders need us. Do you have any of these items at home? Properly used, PPE can only be worn once safely before being discarded. Short supply across the country has left medical workers dangerously reusing masks and other items, putting them and patients at high risk for being exposed to and contracting COVID-19.

If you are healthy and have PPE at home or for your business, please donate these items to those who need it most. You can drop off PPE at the bottom of the loading dock of the Lebanon County Courthouse (400 S 8th St, Lebanon, PA 17042) in provided receptacles between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM.

Please use #LebCoCares on social media referring to this campaign.

Hand-made Fabric Masks

WellSpan Health is joining the 100 Million Mask Challenge, an initiative launched by the American Hospital Association to help meet growing demand for masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are now accepting donations for hand-made fabric masks, which slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others.  While hand-made fabric masks are not considered normal hospital personal protective equipment, they may have a use in this rapidly changing environment. 

To donate, please fill out this form: Please Help Now.

You can find the approved pattern to make masks here, along with drop off locations. WellSpan appreciates your interest in providing this type of support and encourage you to reach out to other community organizations who may be able to use other hand-made fabric masks that don’t meet these specifications.

Questions, or have an opportunity that you would like listed? Contact Flame Vo.