Living United, giving United, means being a part of our community and taking an active role in making Lebanon County a better place to live. There are many ways to be involved with Lebanon County United Way by sharing your time, talent or treasure. Below are the different ways you can make an impact with your United Way.

It takes all of us working together to make Lebanon County a better place to live.


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Joy in Our Community: Connecting People to People

The United Way of Lebanon County is proud to partner with 22 local agencies and support 17 programs. In doing so, we learn, grow, and aspire to live better lives in our community by connecting people to people.

People like Deb, who took part in Compeer of Lebanon’s program. Compeer Lebanon matches caring adults in one-to-one supportive friendships with people of the same gender who are recovering from a mental illness.

Deb, who suffers from social anxiety, was hesitant about being matched in a Compeer friendship in the beginning. She grew up in a family of 6, where her mother and she were the only females. So when Deb was first matched in a friendship with Lois, she was uncomfortable -it was awkward – and Lois seemed reserved. However, when they realized they had an acquaintance in common, they felt a higher power had brought them together.

Lois is respectful, supportive, and always there for Deb; and with Lois’s support, Deb feels more comfortable getting out of the house. The two enjoy attending Compeer sponsored social activities, visit thrift stores, eating out, visiting at each other’s homes, or just talking a walk.

Deb says that she is so glad she stuck with her Compeer friendship because Lois provides a level of adult friendship and support that she didn’t previously have. She truly feels like Lois cares about her and her well-being. Deb said she appreciates how Lois respects her social anxiety and encourages her to go just outside her comfort zone.

It’s not about spending money, it’s about spending time. Deb’s mom passed away in 2011 and her godmother in 2013. Since that time, Deb has felt such a void in her life, until Lois befriended her. The friendship is respectful and it goes both ways. “Lois understands me, she’s had it rough too.”

Compeer provides comprehensive training, helps with selecting a friendship connection, and offers ongoing support every step of the way.