Programs We Support

Building a Solid Future for our Community

We are proud to partner with impact programs that positively impact the lives of individuals, children, and families in our community.

Acting as a true partner and not simply a source of funding means collaborating to identify needs, create strategies, and develop programs. It means holding these programs accountable to ensure that needs are being addressed and that resources are allocated in a meaningful way.

In 2016, United Way of Lebanon County pledged $2.5 million in funding over two years to a handful of local program partners, as we began the first steps to shift our funding model from a Community Chest model to Community Impact.

For the 2018-2019 funding year, we continue to financially support these program partners with an additional $1 million. We are proud of our partnership with each of these organizations and the opportunity to shape our community for the better.

Click here to see our 2018-2019 Community Investments.