Funding Opportunities

United Way of Lebanon County 2019 Investment Framework

Breaking Barriers. Building Communities. 

United Way of Lebanon County is focused on addressing systemic issues through a collaborative community approach. Launching in 2019, the “Breaking Barriers. Building Community.” Framework will align community resources to better serve this Lebanon County Community. 501(c)3 organizations committed to improving lives and working collaboratively with diverse partners across all sectors are encouraged to submit their proposals for multi-year grant funding.

The 2019 Investment Framework is a significant milestone in the carefully and timely transition to move United Way from a Community Chest, serving as a funder to a limited number of non-profits, to that of community impact organization with a focus on long-term systemic issues, collaboration and achieving measurable results. Development of this new way of serving our community launched in 2015 when United Way convened its 20 local member agencies in discussion and vision setting. The bi-monthly meetings continued through 2016 when United Way committed to exclusive funding through June 2019, ensuring member organizations were equipped to succeed in the new era of increased accountability. The fall of 2016 through the fall of 2017, United Way partnered with the Center for Survey Research (Penn State University) to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment. The assessment included a community survey (1700 respondents), focus groups, collection of secondary data and community conversations. Click here for the Lebanon Daily News coverage of our assessment. 

This community has asked United Way to be a leader in convening individuals and parties interested in long-term solutions to community needs; to lead in the development of collaborative initiatives that demonstrate tangible results; and, to prioritize collective impact above isolated program delivery models. The “Breaking Barriers. Building Community.” Framework identifies community goals that when achieved will empower adults, families and children alike to rise from poverty, break multi-generational barriers, and reach their potential. We look forward to working with you to build community and shape a positive outlook for the residents of Lebanon County.

Community Goals

Literacy Lebanon – Raising Readers

Goal: To have 90% of third grade children reading at grade level by the end of the 2025 school year. 

The ability to read by third grade is the single greatest indicator of school success. Reading is the most crucial academic skill because it is the foundation for learning. Children are learning to read through the third grade; then they must read to learn. This initiative will focus on literacy support for children and families to set up our future generation for success. 

Developing Youth for Tomorrow

Goal: To have 100% of youth in our communities connected to work or school by 2025. 

When youth “disconnect” from school or the workforce, their limited education and work experience affect future earnings and health, and they double their likelihood of living in poverty. This initiative will focus on ensuring youth stay connected to school and community programming to gain the education, skills, character, and values to be successful, productive adults. 

Empowering Adults & Families

Goal: To move 7,000 adults to self-sufficiency by 2025. 

This initiative will focus on programming to provide adults and families the opportunities required to earn income, grow income, and save income to increase self-sufficiency and reduce poverty. 

Safety Net Services

Ensuring access to safety net services.

Supporting safety net services is essential to ensuring our community members in critical situations can stabilize and that their basic needs are met. 

Live United Grants

Responding to community needs year-round. 

A Live United grant is a one-time grant to support initiatives in our community that are focused on education, financial stability, and/or health through the collaboration of two or more partnering nonprofit organizations. 

United Way of Lebanon County is focused on addressing systemic issues through a collaborative community approach. Organizations that submitted
a Letter of Intent and were invited to apply for funding may use this link to complete the application: