Developing Youth for Tomorrow

Goal: 100% of youth are connected to work or school by 2025.


Ensuring youth stay connected to school and community programming to gain the education, skills, character, and values to be successful productive adults. When youth “disconnect” from school or the workforce, their limited education and work experience affect future earnings and health, and they double their likelihood of living in poverty. In addition, disconnected youth also have lower wages, higher rates of incarceration and unemployment, and their mental and physical health suffers. United Way will invest in programming that connects young people with tools, knowledge, skills, and networks they need to graduate high school and thrive in the job market. Priorities include mentorship connections, strategies to encourage social-emotional wellness, tutoring services, and programming that enhances soft skills.

Funding Priorities

Funding priority will be given to organizations that collaborate on programs that focus on obtaining the following objectives. United Way is seeking leaders and innovators to be change agents within our community to ensure a positive future for Lebanon. 

  • Increase number of children staying connected to school and youth development programming. 
  • Increase number of students completing education and job training. 
  • Increase mentorship, tutoring, and employment opportunities. 

The following indicators have been identified to measure the ongoing success of Developing Youth for Tomorrow as we work towards our 2025 goal. 

  • # of youth that improve or maintain academic achievement
  • # of youth who decrease or avoid involvement in risky behaviors
  • # of youth who increase access to employment
  • # of youth who develop and a maintain positive relationship with adults
  • # of youth who build soft skills
  • # of youth who increase confidence and self-esteem
  • # of youth that improve or maintain school attendance
  • # of youth connected to community services experiences
  • # of youth graduating from high school
  • # of youth who gain job skills
  • # of youth enrolling in post-secondary job training or education
  • # of youth exposed to career opportunities
  • # of youth gaining employment