Community Impact Focus Areas



Health – Total 2-Year Investment: $897,980

Our partners build futures by improving people’s health through increasing access to testing and preventive care; reducing child abuse, sexual abuse and domestic violence; and supporting individuals with disabilities.

*Program investment amounts are 2-year allocations distributed from June 30, 2016 to July 1, 2018.  


Partner Program Name & Purpose *Program Investment
Compeer program – To provide positive social support to an adult in mental health recovery through the gift of a one-on-one friendship connection with a Compeer volunteer. $70980
CompeerCORPS – To provide positive social support to veterans in mental health recovery through the gift of a one-on-one friendship connection with a volunteer who is also a veteran. $36000
Compeer Support Groups – To offer facilitator-led support groups in a safe and judgement free environment that encourage open discussion and support for individuals with any mental health condition. $52030
Developmental & Disability Services of Lebanon Valley Early Intervention – To provide early intervention services for children using a coaching model to give parents the tools and techniques needed to help their children to reach vital developmental milestones. $114000
Domestic Violence Intervention of Lebanon County</td>
<td > Inc. Domestic Violence Services – To create consistent and familiar safe space for children who are impacted by domestic violence.$148000
Halcyon Activity Center Halcyon Activity Center Services – To provide a safe haven / support system / physical wellness and therapeutic recreational opportunities for individuals living with mental illness and/or intellectual disability. $94000
SARCC Sexual Assault Services – To provide adults & children with sexual assault services and prevention education and trauma informed victim services: counseling / emergency support / advocacy and accompaniment. $135000
Welsh Mountain Health Centers Prevent Decay-Seal Today – To provide dental services including sealants (which act as a barrier to prevent cavities) to individuals who are at risk for cavities on permanent molars based on social determinants. $86000
Welsh Mountain Health Centers Mind- Body – Spirit – To provide patients with integrated physical and behavioral health services  in one location / allowing providers to manage the care of the whole person. $34000
Lebanon Valley Family YMCA Freer Family Community Youth Center – To provide a safe environment for middle and high school kids to go at schools dismissal and during summer months. $140000
Lebanon Valley Family YMCA Wellness memberships & Programs – To provide programs and facilities dedicated to improving our members health and well-being and providing our members programs to improve their quality of life. $40000