What exactly is “United Way?”

     United Way is a volunteer system designed to identify and anticipate community needs, develop plans to address those needs, and raise the financial resources to do so.
Volunteers allocate the funds raised each year to local member agencies.  These agencies provide a full range of human care services representing the needs and concerns of all age and economic groups.
United Way is run by a local volunteer Board, which sets policy and direction for paid staff.  The staff guides and coordinates all volunteer activities such as allocations, the fundraising campaign, planning and communications.

What is United Way of Lebanon County?

     United Way of Lebanon County is an independent, locally governed United Way which serves the people of LebanonCounty.

What happens to the money I give to the United Way of Lebanon County?

     Your gift to United Way of LebanonCounty is used to fund 28 important human service agencies that help people with needs.  Our United Way helps deserving families have affordable day care, maintain a shelter for abused women and children, and much more.  If you want to know more about the programs our United Way funds, check out the information on Agencies on this site.

Who decided where my money goes?

     Our United. Way uses over 40 experienced volunteers from all parts of the community to examine the agencies’ annual requests for funds.  The volunteers, divided into teams, visit each agency site and meet in a formal hearing with the agency leadership.  They evaluate each organization’s budget and track record in providing services and base their funding recommendations on that information.  Our United Way’s Board of Directors, which consists of 39 volunteers, reviews and approves these recommendations.

Why should I contribute through the United Way?

     Sure you can, but we have a way of making sure your money is wisely spent.  United Way volunteers review each organization we fund, so you can be sure your money is being used to provide the best service possible for the most people.  Knowing that this investigative work already has been done is one benefit of giving to the United Way of LebanonCounty.  Also, your one contribution goes a long way toward funding a whole network of programs that attack a wide range of community problems.  When you give to the United Way of LebanonCounty, you don’t just support one part, you support a whole, interconnected system that works.

Should I feel pressured to give?

     Absolutely not!  Pressure defeats the very idea of voluntary giving.  United Way of Lebanon County does believe in giving every member of the community the opportunity to hear about the needs of the community and the opportunity to help address those needs, if they so desire.  Giving is a personal decision.  Individuals should have the freedom to choose when to give and how much.

What is the relationship between the United Way of Lebanon County and the United Way of America?

     United Way of Lebanon County is an independent, autonomous organization governed strictly by a local 39 member Board of Directors who make all decisions about what we do and how we do ti.
United Way of Lebanon County pays dues totaling less than 1 percent raised here to belong to United Way of America.  Membership allows the use of the United Way logo, NFL advertising promotions, market research, training for professional staff and volunteers, and monitoring of legislative issues on a national basis.  United Way of America has no governing authority over United Way of LebanonCounty.

Does United Way of Lebanon County fund abortion services?

     No.  Some local United Ways choose to provide funding for family planning services, which are usually offered through Planned Parenthood.  United Way of Lebanon County does not fund this service now, nor have we in the past.

Does United Way of Lebanon County endorse or support gun control?

     No.  United Way of Lebanon County does not believe that gun control is a human service issue and has never taken any position that could be considered as endorsing or supporting the idea.

How efficient is the United Way?

     Only 12% of the money contributed to the United Way is used for campaign expenses and administration.  That’s particularly impressive when you consider that the nationally accepted average for non-profit administrative costs is 40%.

I don’t use any United Way services.  Why should I support them?

     It’s possible that you will never use a United Way service.  But since one of out every three LebanonCounty residents benefits from a United Way service, chances are good that you will.  A United Way gift ensures that the services will be there when needed…whether by you, your family, or your neighbors.

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